Checklist for. boosting your Immune System

Checklist: Recommendations to Boost Your Immunity


1.     Number 1 priority: Get you Vitamin D levels checked.

2.     Incorporate the following into your diet:

·       Oily Fish – 2 -3 times per week as well as eggs to support Vitamin D levels.

·       To boost Vitamin C intake opt for fruit such as Blackberries, Oranges and vegetables such as broccoli, Kale and green Leafy Vegetables.

·       Incorporate some red meat (1-2 per week) or lentils or chickpeas to increase your zinc levels.

·       For selenium a few portions of Brazil nuts each week. Choose for brown rice instead of white.

3.     Try some of our immune boosting recipes below.

4.     70% of our immune system in our gut so replenish your microbiome with a probiotic. Keep an eye on our website for next months blog on the benefits of probiotics.